There are two "proposals" that together aim to create a huge intermodal freight terminal complex at Moorebank, in suburban Sydney, on two large blocks of army (and former army) land neatly wedged between residential areas of Casula, Wattle Grove, Liverpool and Glenfield.

Within 2km of this enormous terminal there are over 13,000 residences; home to over 39,000 people.

So, what is it about this "proposal" that has residents worried?

Massive Freight Terminal... how close are you? Outer Circle 2KM, Inner Circle 1KM


Families value their peace and quiet. Many residents have moved to the local area precisely because it is peaceful. Residents are concerned about:
  • Traffic Noise from Thousands of Trucks
  • Noise from Containers and Warehousing operations
  • Noise from Freight Trains that are already 1.5km long and which the rail operators would like to make much longer

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The 24x7 operation of the container terminal means a lot of light. Light Spill is where the light from the terminal extends to neighbouring areas. With the closest Wattle Grove house just 230m away and the closest Casula house just 280m away, people's rest and their view of the stars at night are both going to be impacted.

None of the proponents has made any comments on how the extra light will affect nocturnal creatures.
Pollution / Air Quality

The proposed terminal complex will have millions of container movements each year. The terminal at Port Botany has long queues of trucks waiting to load. This is what the Moorebank terminal will have. Despite SIMTA claims that overall air quality will improve there will be significant exhaust pollution for the local area. In order to move millions of containers, millions of trucks need to belch exhaust into the air of Wattle Grove, Casula, Liverpool and Moorebank.

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  Chemical Spills

The terminal will move whatever comes in a container. With that many containers being moved, some chemical spills are inevitable.

Residents are concerned about what might spill and what measures if any will be in place to manage the spills.

How will the Georges River be protected?

What about our air quality?

Water Quality

The Georges River has a long history of neglect. To use the Moorebank precinct as an Intermodal Complex as has been proposed, containers need to be brought from Port Botany to Moorebank.

The last step on that journey is across the Georges River, so any leaks will impact the river.

Once the containers arrive, they will be within the Georges River watershed. Spills on site will naturally flow downhill to the river.

The water upstream from the Weir at Liverpool is contained by the weir, so spills will dissipate very slowly. The river is known to host a platypus population. its hard to see how the two can co-exist.
  Traffic Congestion

Local residents and anyone who uses the M5, Newbridge Rd, Nuwarra Rd, Heathcote Rd or the Hume Highway are concerned about congestion. All of these are congested and have no capacity to accept more traffic.

Terminal Traffic will deliver millions of trucks to Moorebank

Moorebank Ave/Cambridge Ave has been taking the overflow from the M5 for years. If its blocked with terminal traffic...

Everyone acknowledges that the traffic around Port Botany is a disaster. Moving all of that traffic to Moorebank SOLVES NOTHING.

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Financial Losses

Most of the 13,000 families within 2km of the container terminal are paying off a mortgage and they are worried about the effect of having a huge container terminal appear next to their house.

Houses next to terminals drop in value, a lot. Local residents don't deserve a slug like that.


Residents are worried about the thousands of trees that will be cut down to make way for the terminal complex, the impact on the area's rich bird and animal life, the effects of light on nocturnal creatures and the impact of pollution on the aquatic life in the river, including the protected platypus.

Liverpool is a historic settlement, founded by Governor Macquarie in 1810 the year he arrived in Australia, making it 25 years older than Melbourne.

The SIMTA site contains several heritage listed buildings. Within 1KM of the proposed Intermodal complex there are three historic houses, Collingwood House (980m), Glenfield House (970m) and Kitchener House (410m).

How will they be protected from exhaust and vibrations?

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  Lost Opportunities   
2.5km of Georges River riverfront is too valuable to loose. Do we really want to give the containers a view of the river?

As a business park or technology park this site could provide 15,000 jobs, way more than the container terminal complex.

Based on the cost of the Epping to Chatswood Rail Link, Casula Station is worth $700million, and it is half unused since there's nothing on the eastern side of the river to use it. Containers won't use the station.

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Visual Impact

There's over 9,000 people that live within 1km of the terminal. In a lot of cases, that will be close enough to see the containers stacked high at the intermodal complex.

Local residents are concerned that instead of seeing trees and wildlife out their window or over the back fence, they'll have a mountain of containers.

  This Just Isn't an Industrial Area

A lot has been said about how this is the perfect location for a huge intermodal complex.

With over 39,000 residents within 2km of the complex, this is a residential area, not an industrial area. Some residents are as close as 230m - the width of Wattle Grove Lake.

Local residents are unhappy about what this shows about what the government thinks of their home.

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Residents feel that consultation about this project is just lip service and a bit of an afterthought. No-one asked residents what they wanted and it is pretty clear that the government wants to push ahead with the proposal.

Residents feel that the project is being snuck in by degrees.

A few years ago, unwelcome industrial development was added north of Anzac Rd. That makes it seem reasonable to build the SIMTA project which makes it seem reasonable to build the government project. Piece by piece a quiet residential area is being converted to industrial wasteland.

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  If you are a local resident and you want to protect your home and family, its not too late to act.

Get information. Read this website, the local paper or a blog such as moorebankintermodal.com

Get Experience. Go to Port Botany, look at the view and the traffic, listen to the noise, breathe the air and get some experience of what the place is like and see what the government would like for Wattle Grove and Casula.

Write to Someone. Your MP, the paper

Tell Someone. A neighbour, a friend, the person at the bus stop.

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